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Exposition 7 -8 Octobre 2017

I’m very exited to announce my first duo exhibition. For more information (in dutch) see the flyer.

I’m always creating; art, graphic design, illustrations or other handcrafts. I need to translate the images in my head to touchable items which are made with my own hands. I get inspired by nature, interior, design, fashion and people.

A blank canvas has to get rid off its whiteness as soon as possible. I begin very intuitive to a new piece. Every sense or mood has its own colours for me. I let them come together on the canvas. I experiment with different materials to see how they behave themselves mutually. How blend colours, how runs the paint a trace on my canvas. Where is this process going? Surprising yourself I like most about painting. Coincidence determines how the painting will evolve. Sometimes I use pictures for reference, or use images that I have literally found, by processing them in the piece. It also can remain an abstract work, where I place the colours, shapes and strokes by intuition. Always lots of layers and contrasts, light/dark, transparent/opaque.