This month the so called 100 day project started (again) on Instagram. The idea is you create something within a self-chosen theme for 100 days in a row. I see a lot of great challenges come by, and that’s what it is, a challenge for yourself. I am a bit late on the party, but seriously thinking of joining the project too. In the first place to create every day for 100 days in a row is a great way to keep going. It doesn’t have to take long and of course there will be days you won’t succeed.
But for me the most attractive aspect is to pick a subject and keep on working with that so you’re really challenged to do something else you are used to. So, wat should my challenge be? I even figured this one out already. I want to challenge myself to investigate and discover new (for me) colour palettes. I have my favourite colours and tend to use them a lot. Of course. But when I see other artist’s work I love other schemes as well. When I try to use those colours, I always fall back on ‘my own’. Not that this is bad, but experimenting is the nicest thing to do when it comes to art 🙂
So why not start today? Well… Mostly fear of not completing or succeeding. But that’s a lousy excuse.