Thank you so much for taking time to visit my site, to get to know my work and me for a bit. Creating is what I do and what I need to express myself. I have always been passionate about creating art and other crafts. I took lessons since I was 10 years old. I love it how you learn from different artists and teachers and use all these bits to find your style. The past 3 years I professionalised my art business to do what I love most ♥

A blank canvas has to get rid off its whiteness as soon as possible. This is actually my favourite part of the process. I start a new piece very intuitive. Every sense or mood has its own colours for me. I let them come together on the canvas. I experiment with different materials to see how they behave themselves mutually. How blend colours, how runs the paint a trace on my canvas. Where is this process going? Surprising yourself I like most about painting. Coincidence determines how the painting will evolve. Sometimes I use pictures for reference, or use images that I have literally found, by processing them in the piece. It also can remain an abstract work, where I place the colours, shapes and strokes by intuition. Always lots of layers and contrasts, light/dark, transparent/opaque. 

I get inspired by nature, interior, design, fashion and people. Or just to see some art supplies or other artists work make me want to pick up my brushes immediately.

If you want to receive updates on new work or events, please leave your email address in the box at the right. And don’t hesitate to contact me regarding commissions or collaborations.